Singles workshop

Keeping the Love You Find
Conscious, intentional, adult relationships that lasts for ever
Learn the art of loving someone and being loved

A Workshop for individuals.

This Workshop is appropriate for you if . . .

  • You are happily single and savvy enough to want to get to know yourself and learn about the dynamics of intimate relationship before jumping into a committed relationship.
  • You are tired of relationships that don't meet your needs.
  • You are beginning a relationship that you want to maintain.
  • You can’t seem to meet the right person.
  • You want to meet others with similar values who have a deep interest in creating a “conscious relationship”.
  • You're in a marriage/partnership and want to learn more about the unconscious agenda you bring to your relationship

In this Workshop you can . . .

  • Understand why you are attracted to similar people.
  • Identify your Imago, the partner that your unconscious mind has chosen for you.
  • Recognise your defences and learn how to achieve an intimate relationship without creating barriers.
  • Understand the connection between the frustrations you’ve experienced in past relationships and your frustrations in childhood and why you are vulnerable as a result of unfulfilled childhood needs.
  • Learn and benefit from every past relationship.
  • Let go of painful emotional memories and grief and conclude the attachment to former love partners.
  • Learn and practice essential relationship skills to break the negative patterns of connecting with others.
  • Discover how you sabotage relationships to protect yourself from fears and anticipated hurt.
  • Create a personal action plan of do-able steps.
  • Know you can change yourself and become a truly great partner to Keep the Love You Find!


Saturday 8am-7pm

Sunday 8am-5pm


R2800 per person

See payment options with registration.

Phone Elmarie at 081 559 9130 to make arrangements if neccsary.


102 Swaardlelie rd

The Willows


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