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Getting The Love You Want
Conscious, intentional, adult relationships.
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The Imago GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT Couples Workshop runs over weekends. Kobus van der Merwe has presented this weekend breakaway for more than 20 years with couples reporting that this intensive workshop translates to several months’ worth of weekly couples’ sessions.

Highly detailed and extensively researched, the workshop is filled with the theoretical and practical elements of relationships and provides couples with enough opportunity to practice and integrate the theory into their lives.

In the workshop, you will learn the real source of your power struggle. Sure, you might have already tried to change your relationship, but odds are you only worked with the symptoms. This is often why your efforts never really worked or even lasted that long. With Imago, we provide you with the skills needed to help you get to the roots of your power struggle. When you change that, then real, lasting change will happen.

Marriage is about being loved and loving another person. The Imago workshop will help you work through the realities of the current tension and pain in your marriage AND move beyond the power struggle. It is about learning how to love one another in a conscious, intentional, and passionate way.

The workshop will enable you to rediscover the rhythm of your relationship. While there will always be times in your marriage when there is tension or pain, it is not about avoiding it but to work through it effectively and quickly. The art of repair is integral to healthy relationships.

What happens in a couples’ workshop?

  • You will get a new perspective on each other. In the power struggle, couples see each other as enemies where they lose their true identities. In this workshop, you will learn how to become allies and true to yourselves. You will learn how your marriage is a recourse for repair and growth;
  • You will learn how to engage in dialogue. Couples need more than good communication. Sometimes communication takes you towards a power struggle and just succeed in creating more distance. In the workshop, you will learn to talk about the good as well as the frustrations in the relationship in such a way that you can repair the connection and safety you have with one another.
  • You will also learn to commit to the relationship and to help each other growth full of expression of aliveness. This will lead to more passion and a deeper love for each other; and
  • You will develop a deep empathy for each other's story. You will discover that your partner is not trying to harm you by being avoiding or intrusive. Instead, they are just trying to protect themselves against more pain. This empathy will create a new condition where your marriage becomes a place of healing. The power struggle will continue for as long as there is pain. Once the pain heals, the power struggle will dissolve.

What you can expect from participating in the GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT workshop:

  • Learn how to provide greater compassion for your partner (this is something that happens to everyone);
  • Discover new skills to break destructive cycles of communication. Couples learn how to redirect negative energy from arguments towards creating passion and stability in an enhanced relationship;
  • Understand that the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of conflict. Participants receive more information about themselves and their partner, organised in a new, more thoughtful way;
  • Equip yourself with the tools needed to re-romanticise your relationship and awaken the passion that you had for one another in the past;
  • Help each other to accept and conclude childhood issues that could be obstacles to growing your relationship; and
  • Learn how to use your relationship for emotional healing and spiritual evolution.

The Imago two-day GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT workshop is the perfect life and relationship-enriching experience. It will teach you invaluable life skills that will not only enhance your relationship with your partner and family, but will improve and enrich the relationships with your broader circle of friends and colleagues.


Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-4pm


R7500 per couple. Includes 2 manuals, coffe/tea. Excludes lunch and accommodation.

See payment options with registration.

Phone Elmarie at 081 559 9130 to make arrangements if necessary.


102 Swaardlelie rd

The Willows


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