A new way to love

  • Are you currently in a troubled relationship?
  • Are you wondering what happened to the relationship that you started with?
  • Wouldn't you like to rediscover the relationship you once had and make it last forever?
  • Maybe you’re in a new relationship or you’re part of a couple preparing for marriage and your desire is to create a true relationship that will stand the test of time.
  • Perhaps you’re single and simply tired of getting into relationships that never seem to meet your expectations.


People believe that when they’re in a loving relationship, it is supposed to last forever. Two people feel like they’ve met the person of their dreams and a magical transformation takes place within each of them. During the “in love” phase, people feel alive, whole, connected to the world and the people in it. Very often though, the magical “in love” feeling disappears and people are left disillusioned. Their dreams of a perfect relationship are shattered, and feelings of anger and betrayal often overwhelm those who are faced with reality.


People often try to coerce their partners into giving them what they need in the relationship, through tactics like criticism, withdrawing from emotional attachment, shaming each other, intimidating partners, and using tears and crying as a method of manipulation – even if it’s unconscious. Some couples are locked in these painful power struggles for years, until the relationship is eventually broken or when one member of the partnership finally seeks help, desperate to regain the magic that the relationship once held.

If these scenarios describe the relationship you are currently in, and you would like to restore some of the passion an intimacy you once had, or you are an individual looking to find the love of your life, Imago can show you a new way to love.

What’s going on here?

 Romantic love is the way our unconscious mind seeks to restore the feeling of joyful alertness we felt as a child. In pursuit of this goal, we unknowingly seek relationships with people who emotionally resemble our primary caretakers in both positive and negative ways – we call this finding our Imago match. The term Imago is actually a Latin term that means “the idealised mental image of someone”. Even though our caretakers have both positive and negative qualities, it’s the negative qualities that interfere in our relationships. Our expectations of the image of the individual we have fallen in love with create confusion and disillusionment. Fortunately, embedded in this disillusionment lies everything the relationship needs for healing and growth.

 Imago Relationship Therapy provides all the tools necessary for transforming relationships, including some important, immediate relief from bad relationships.

 When we remain unaware of the hidden agenda of romantic love, we continue to make the same mistakes. We need to understand that conflict is undirected, unfulfilled growth. By resolving your problem through Imago Dialogue, the emotional bond initially created by romantic love can evolve into the powerful bond that is real love. Imago Therapy creates a sacred space for healing and growth that can lead you to the relationship of your dreams.

 We can help you discover the relationship of your dreams through a process of healing, dialogue and re-connection.